Breed: AKC Golden Retriever

Height: 21.5inches
Weight: 53lbs
Color: Gold

Ellie is very smart, serene and sweet. She gets along with everyone and loves to play! She is very social and loves to be with her humans. Her favorite place to be is sleeping on one of her kids' beds. Ellie loves to adventure, hikes are her favorite, although she isn't much of a water dog she does love camping at the river.

DNA Certified

-Degenerative Myelopathy CLEAR

-Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type) CLEAR

-Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 1 CLEAR

-Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 2 CLEAR

-Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration CLEAR



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