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Our Girls


Breed: AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Height: 24" At the Withers
Weight: 85lbs
Color: Black, White & Rust

Temperament: Willow is quite the character. It is hard to not smile with this girl around. She is such a big ball of fluff. Willow loves being inside with her people, but would prefer we be outside with her. If all of her health testing is clear, we will be adding bernedoodles to our program! 




Breed: AKC Golden Retriever

Height: 21"
Weight: 50lbs
Color: Gold

Temperament: Lilly is a ball of energy! She loves her life on the farm and enjoys playing with the kids at the in home daycare that her mom has. Lilly is a smaller golden so paired with the right stud, she will produce medium goldendoodles.  


Breed: F1 Goldendoodle

Height: 19"
Weight: 40lbs
Color: Black

Temperament: Lola is an amazing part of our family. When I say she loves her people I mean it. This girl is as independent as they come. She will venture off into the woods and you wont be able to find her. Once you call her name she comes a running. We love having Lola and her energetic, sweet, fun, and loving personality around. 




Breed: F1 Goldendoodle

Height: 17"
Weight: 30lbs
Color: Merle

Temperament: Molly is just the sweetest little ball of fluff! She is full of energy and she keeps the kids busy running with them and playing games.  She loves her toys and it is rare for her to not have one in her mouth. Molly is such a sweet girl and we love having her in our home!