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Mailing List Information

If you have been directed to this page, you have asked to be on a mailing list for one of our litters. Below you will see how the mailing list works.

If you are interested in a puppy here is what you need to do:

  • Become part of the mailing list. (Already done)

  • Read through this page and view our pricing and policies.

  • Review our contract here

  • Let us know if you would like to fill out a puppy adoption form. Some of you may have already completed this step from a previous litter. If I already have your form and you have been added to this mailing list, you have already been approved and can move to the contract and deposit step. 

  • We will then determine if you are a good fit for one of our puppies. The contract will be sent and your deposit can be placed. The pick order for the litter will be determined by who puts their deposit in first. Please keep in mind I reserve the first two spots for my breeding program. Also I CANNOT guarantee any color or gender. 

  • We are only going to accept 4 deposits. Once the litter has arrived and we know how many puppies there will be we will accept more. In the event that there are more deposits than puppies, deposits will be refunded or you will have the option to be added to another upcoming litter. 



What to expect from us:

  • I will be sending updates as I have them. As soon as breeding has occurred I will let everyone know. I will do the same when a pregnancy is confirmed.

  • Once the puppies are born the mailing list will be the first to know. I will send out bi-weekly updates and photos will be posted to the litters page.  At this time reservations can be made.

  • At around six weeks old I will be having families out meet their puppies. 

  • Puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks old!

  • At any time if you have ANY questions, we are here to answer them! 

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